Poultry & Pets

Poultry & Pet Food and Equipment

Ladychapel Stores have the following products for your pets and poultry in stock.


  • Layers Pellets
  • Layers Mash
  • Mixed Corn

We also have a selection of Drinkers and Feeders available.

Our Gain Dog Food Range

We have a top quality range of dog food available including;

Gain Crunchy

Gain Crunchy Dog Food

Gain Original

Gain Original Dog Food

Gain Meusli

Gain Meusli Dog Food

Gain Greyhound 20

Gain Greyhound 20

Gain Greyhound 28

Greyhound 28

Gain Puppy & Sapling

Gain Puppy & Sapling

Gain Record Breaker

Gain Record Breaker


We are stockist of the Gain Elite Dog Food Range.

Gain Elite BigDogs Adult

Gain Elite Dog Food

Gain Elite AllDogs Senior

Gain Elite Dog Food

Gain Elite SmallDogs Adult

Gain Elite Dog Food

Gain Elite SmallDogs Puppy

Gain Elite Dog Food

Wolseley Clippers

All prices include VAT

Harrier - €430

Swift - €390

Lark - €355

Gain Elite Dog Food Range

Wolseley A2 Blades - €54 (RRP €60) The Harrier Clippers is the most powerful in the market.
Ladychapel Stores now stock the Gain Elite dog food range. Gain Elite provide for all dog sizes. Made by Glanbia, the dog food is of the highest quality at an excellent price.

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Top Sellers

We offer great value to our customers. Our most popular items include;

  • Equine America Supplements
  • Galvanised Gates