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We stock a large range of top quality Agri Feeds from Gain Feeds. A sample of products available are shown below.

Contact us if you need information on these or any other Agri Feed products. We deliver for bulk orders.

Calf Rearer Nuts

• 18% high quality protein for healthy calf growth
• Fully balanced minerals and vitamins to match calf growth requirement
• Live-yeast, stabilises rumen on high starch/sugar diets, improves FCE and ADG.
• All-stages calf feed which can be fed before and after weaning.

Gain Super Beef Nuts

Super Beef Nuts


Ewe and Lamb Nuts


Startacalf Meusli


Wolseley Clippers

All prices include VAT

Harrier - €430

Swift - €390

Lark - €355

Gain Elite Dog Food Range

Wolseley A2 Blades - €54 (RRP €60) The Harrier Clippers is the most powerful in the market.
Ladychapel Stores now stock the Gain Elite dog food range. Gain Elite provide for all dog sizes. Made by Glanbia, the dog food is of the highest quality at an excellent price.

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